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Your Imagination is Only the Beginning

Engraving, Marking or Cutting can be done on a wide variety of materials.

Wood can be engraved or cut.  A variety of shapes and intricate designs can be vector cut into wood up to 3/8 in thick (depending on wood) and the laser engraving has the appearance of wood burning.  Sections can be burnt out and inlays applied.  

Hard Wood

Leather is able to be cut or engraved,  Darker leathers will often show a negative effect, where the engraving appears lighter then the leather.  Light tanned leather works best with the engraving having the appearance of woodburning.  Vector cuts can also be made with leather.


Wood engraves differently depending on the grain and wood type.  Some woods will turn very dark with the laser while others carve depth but remain light.  The grain is also a factor and wide grained woods like oak or pine will have a raised grain in some areas.  A color fill can be used to enhance the engraving.

Soft Wood

Marble engraves with a beautiful clarity and clear details.  Black marble is used and the laser 'cracks' the surface at up to 2100 dpi leaving a frosted white appearance.  After photos are properly rendered with photo engraving software the result will be very clear and detailed engraving on the marble.

Granite ‘chips’ to a greater degree, leaving an image with less detail (as shown) but is suitable for unprotected outdoor applications.
















Marble and Granite

Also possible on  fabric, mat board, tile, glass, mirror, paper, corian, and more


On metals, such as stainless steel, a chemical is applied in the area to be marked and the result is a permanent etching into the metal.  This usually appears black.


On other metals like painted brass or anodized aluminum the laser cuts through the finish, revealing the metal surface below.